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Murder Story Cover

On this Friday the 13th, with a full moon and the expectations of shooting flares from the sun to herald this auspicious day, it is only fitting that Murder Story, my new noir mystery and suspense novel is now launched and available in print and in ebook.  Whether or not the stars are properly aligned, I don’t really know. You can’t have it all.

Murder Story is a different kind of journey for my readers, a darker one, a more menacing tale than my usual humorous Dorothy Parker Mystery fare, even though the roots of the story were actually planted in my last Dorothy Parker novel, The Murder Club, where six authors in search of murder plots for their new novels meet to discuss and perfect their books’ crime scenarios.  I wanted to develop the relationships of the six authors first introduced in The Murder Club, and in a funny way Murder Story exists in a sort of parallel noir universe; the fictional characters are the same, but the plot of this book and their fates are very much altered. Don’t get the wrong idea; there is nothing Sci-fi about it. Pure NOIR!

The action takes place in New York’s Greenwich Village on the eve of the Stock Market Crash of 1929.  Add to that the ambiance of seedy artists’ cafes, cheesy flats squeezed along cobblestone streets, the sub-culture of the writer’s life, and the test of a man’s character.  I hope you want to read it!  It’s available on and Barnes & Nobel, and available at bookstores and book websites worldwide.


Buy the soft-cover version and you can purchase the ebook for an additional $1.99.  A good deal for a journey back in time.

Hope you enjoy it.  (And the movie, too, when it gets optioned.)

Until next time,