Dorothy Parker Mysteries
9780982754276-Perfect.inddThis is Book 4 in the original mystery series starring Dorothy Parker.

Bomb-throwing anarchists, reds, a famous socialist muckraker, a millionaire couple, a little old lady, and a bunch of ukulele-playing Harvard boys are passengers on the Midnight Owl train out of Boston’s South Station, along with Dorothy Parker and her friends. The train whistle that announces the departure at one minute past midnight on August 23, 1927, also sounds the death knell for two Italian immigrants, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, as they are led, each in turn, on their walk to the electric chair. But it was not only the two convicted men who were to die that night.

Buy your ticket for a ride on the Midnight Owl with Dorothy Parker and her partner-in-crime-solving, Robert Benchley. Uncork the champagne and kick up your heels for a Charleston on the lawn of Last Call, a palatial estate on Long Island’s North Shore, and tag along with the Marx Brothers as they wreak havoc at Tiffany’s in pursuit of a murderer. All aboard!

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