Dorothy Parker Mysteries

  Agata Stanford’s

 Dorothy Parker Mystery Series

November 8th 2010 at 7:00pm

Book Talk

Meet the Author and signing

Dorothy Parker’s New York City of the 1920s: The culture of theatre, literature and speakeasies.

Crandall Public Library Downtown Glens Falls, New York

 Our Gang Comedies for Adults!

Imagine if you will, Our Gang Comedies for adults—and Spanky is a girl . . . .

. . . The clubhouse is The Algonquin Hotel . . . .

. . . And the club members are Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Alexander Woollcott, the Marx Brothers and the friends of The Algonquin Round Table. . . .

. . . The club even has its own mascot, Woodrow Wilson, Dorothy Parker’s clever little Boston terrier. . . .

And so it is in Agata Stanford’s first novel of her Dorothy Parker Mystery Series, The Broadway Murders.

As you read  THE BROADWAY MURDERS, you will find yourself stepping out of your Silver Ghost Rolls to go on a scavenger hunt with the Marx Brothers, do the rounds of speakeasies, attend Broadway’s opening nights, dance at the Waldorf, and then pull up your chair at the Algonquin Hotel’s famous daily luncheon and enjoy a tossed salad of bon mots, all while sleuthing about with Parker and her partner in crime-solving, Robert Benchley, for clues to find a killer.  (Check out the author’s website at:

A Sampling of the reviews:

“Oh, boy!  I just read The Broadway Murders!  Agata Stanford’s Dorothy Parker Mysteries is destined to become a classic series. It’s an addictive cocktail for the avid mystery reader.  It has it all:  murder, mystery, and Marx Brothers’ mayhem.  You’ll see, once you’ve taken Manhattan with the Parker/Benchley crowd.  Dorothy Parker wins!  Move over Nick and Nora.” 

Elizabeth Fuller, author, Me and Jezebel

“Those of us who since childhood had wished there was a time machine that could let us experience and enjoy life in other periods, should read Agata Stanford’s “Dorothy Parker Mysteries” series.  They wonderfully recreate the atmosphere and spirit of the literary and artistic crowd at the Algonquin Round Table in the 1920’s, and bring back to life the wit, habits, foibles and escapades of Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Alexander Woollcott, as well as of the multitude of their friends and even their pets, both human and animal.

Anatole Konstantin, author, A Red Boyhood, Growing Up under Stalin

The Dorothy Parker Mysteries Series is available worldwide at bookstores and at all the on-line retailers, and may be purchased as ebooks for Kindle and iPad

Best known for her witty poems and stories, Dorothy Parker set the style and attitude for American women to emulate during the 1920s and 30s. THE BROADWAY MURDERS is not just a literary mystery but an adventure through the city guided by some of Manhattan’s most colorful figures—newspaper men, playwrights, composers, and actors who were part of The Algonquin Round Table, with appearances by Noel Coward, Fanny Brice, Helen Hayes, George and Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin, John Barrymore, with the wild antics of The Marx Brothers and the incorrigible Tallulah Bankhead.  (see notice:

Author Agata Stanford is an actress, director, and playwright who grew up in New York City, (see on-line bio at While attending the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan she’d often walk past The Algonquin Hotel, which sparked her early interest in The Algonquin Round Table.  By teaming Parker with best friend, Robert Benchley, Agata has created a lively and humorous series balancing fact and the fiction of her imagination to bring back to life the New York City of the 1920s.  (see at: )

Enhanced with dozens of photographs of an age gone by, THE BROADWAY MURDERS is certain to delight Theatre buffs, New Yorkers, History enthusiasts and Dorothy Parker fans alike. The second book of the series, Chasing the Devil, will be available for purchase November 2010, and the third in the series, Mystic MahJong, will be released in spring of 2011.