Dorothy Parker Mysteries
This is Book 5 in the original mystery series starring Dorothy Parker.

“It was only natural that I should be nervous—all right, I panicked; after all, my Uncle Martin went down with the Titanic. A February blizzard was raging fury over the East Coast as the S.S. Roosevelt was being tugged out of the harbor atHoboken toward open seas.  I shook from trepidation as I stood out on the open deck of the ship this midnight, the flurry of thick flakes, a disappointing substitution for confetti, changing to hard, biting pellets of mean sleet.”

Thus begins Dorothy Parker’s real-life 1926 trans-Atlantic crossing toFrancewith Robert Benchley and Ernest Hemingway. Soon, there is more to worry about than whether the ship will hit any icebergs.  The question is: Who is trying to kill Mr. Benchley? And once arrived inParis, why is the City ofLights, famous for its Jazz Age clubs and cafés, so full of Soviet spies and kidnappers?

Join Parker, Benchley, and their friends, Ernest Hemingway, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, and the sensational American expatriates, Sara and Gerald Murphy, for dinner at Michaud’s, drinks at Bricktop’s, the floorshow at the Moulin Rouge, and an adventure of murder and international intrigue in the Paris of 1926.

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